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Laura Perez



Laura Perez is Chief Administrator and Legal Operations Head at the Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero. While employed by the law firm for over 14 years, she has assumed several positions and responsibilities for the law firm. This experience has developed Ms. Perez to be in a lead role in the firm’s Executive Management Team. As Chief Administrator, some of her responsibilities are focused on directing the company’s financial goals and objectives, ensuring that all operations match with the budget limits. Furthermore, she supervises the entire law firm labor and employment division, focusing on the individual’s job description requirements. Moreover, she oversees the law firm’s attorney department layout to ensure compliance with the staff layout.

Ms. Perez is qualified in the areas of payroll, state compliance requirements with respect to reporting, and also manages the firm’s accounting division. She works closely with the family law lawyers, top divorce and bankruptcy lawyers and others at our law office in Miami to ensure a smooth operation of the firm. Based upon her work ethic and absolute high standards, has earned the position to be Mr. Cordero’s liaison in all matters pertaining to the administration of the firm, including executive level management, strategic program management, training development, resource and budget forecasting, organizational development.

Over the years, Ms. Perez has achieved the respect of all of employees at the firm, she emphasizes the points to all employees of her vision in assisting the employees in whatever capacity is necessary to make their position as comfortable as possible. All of the employees do seek, on a daily basis, advise and support regarding their financial, physical, and emotional wellness. She also is proficient in the areas of labor compensation and benefits. In addition, the law firm has excelled in its’ marketing strategies based upon her involvement and association with different advertising mediums such as TV, radio, newspapers, etc., including the well-known nightly TV aired legal show,”Consultas con Cordero”.

Laura has been a positive and prominent presence at the firm and will continue the success of its’ endeavors in years to come.


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