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Orealis Aguilar



Mrs. Orealis Aguilar (Oreo) is the General Administrator Manager for the Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero, P.A., for the last 20 years and an essential member of the company’s executive management team. Aside from administrating the day-to-day operations of the firm, she is also responsible for overseeing every legal procedure that the firm relies on. Moreover, she is credited for the success that the firm has in efficiency in not only to its’ unique client flow, but also making every staff member recognize the importance of client care. Oreo has achieved great success in her managerial policies in areas such as implementation of strategies designed to grow the business, formulating employee client care training, and has established training protocols to ensure the proper employee instructions.

With the experience and knowledge that Oreo has acquired over her 20 plus years of legal exposure in Miami, she has developed a special balance that allowed the firm to grow and be one of the largest foreclosure, family law and consumer bankruptcy law firms in the country, but also made sure that client care was not compromised. Oreo has, over many years of hard work and dedication, has placed herself in a position to understand procedurally every department and makes time to provide guidance to all of the employees with the sincere theme that always “think outside of the box” when it comes to facing obstacles in accomplishing positive performances and objectives.

Although her position comes with great responsibilities, Oreo recognizes the importance of family values. Her husband of 15 years and her two lovely children has given Oreo a unique vision as to importance of compassion, attention and most of all, kindness. In her own words, “You have to be very passionate about what you do in order to be good at it. Clients will very clearly feel the difference between somebody who is just doing a job and somebody who has passion for the job.” 


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