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Many Floridians who were fans of the television show ‘Gossip Girls” may be surprised to hear that one of its actresses is filing for bankruptcy. Actress Kelly Rutherford has reportedly experienced financial hard times with her recent divorce and child custody battle. According to one media report, her legal fees are approximately $2 million.

In addition to the legal fees, the actress is seeking a financial fresh startbecause she no longer makes $486,000 per month from the CW television series. Her income has decreased to less than $1,000 a month. Prior to filing personal bankruptcy, she reportedly incurred fees from traveling to Monaco to visit her two children by her soon-to-be German businessman ex-husband. The children live in Monaco with their dad.

Rutherford supposedly requested the family law judge presiding over her case hold her ex-husband accountable for paying her legal fees. However, she later decided to file bankruptcy in June 2013 instead. According to the bankruptcy petition, the actress owes more than $35,000 in 2012 income taxes and approximately $25,000 in charges from Amex. She also owes several thousands of dollars in loans she’s received from family and friends.

Rutherford claims her only assets include about $10,000 in clothes and furniture, $1,500 in jewelry and about $12,000 in her checking account. Many individuals who are in similar or worse circumstances than the ‘Gossip Girl” actress, may file personal bankruptcy with help from a lawyer. A bankruptcy lawyer may look over the client’s finances to see if there is any disposable income. If the client has any extra money after paying bills, he or she may file chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, if there is no disposable income, the client may be eligible to file chapter 7 to eliminate unsecured debts.

Source: NY Daily News, “Kelly Rutherford files for bankruptcy after costly divorce, custody battle“, Zayda Rivera, June 24, 2013