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Not too long ago we wrote a post about Casey Anthony filing for bankruptcy. The trial, in which she was acquitted of the murder of her young daughter, apparently left the Florida woman facing financial difficulties. Accordingly, she sought to have her debt discharged via a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

Since that first post the case has progressed. Earlier this week she attended a creditors meeting. Creditors meetings are a part of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process at which a bankruptcy trustee poses questions regarding the financial state of the person who has sought relief. In some instances creditors also ask questions.

The point of the meeting in Anthony’s case was to determine whether Anthony had any assets to speak of or if she was expecting to make money anytime soon. As is standard in these situations she was accompanied by her bankruptcy lawyer to the hearing. There, Anthony revealed that she currently is not paying anything to reside where she does. She apparently does not have a job but has received donations from individuals who want to help her.

A lot of focus was placed on whether Anthony was planning on selling her story. Though Anthony’s attorney has previously indicated that there have been offers, she indicated that she was not aware of them and was not planning on selling her story. Because such a sale would likely bring a large amount of money in for Anthony, providing funds to pay back creditors, the issue is a relevant one.

The notion that Anthony would possibly sell her story is not all that farfetched. During her trial she reportedly sold photos at least twice to help pay her legal bills. She said she made $200,000 for one bunch and was unsure of the sale price of the others.

While the average filer would not find that news outlets were waiting to for them at the courthouse, the creditors meeting is something they would likely find that they need to attend.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Casey Anthony testifies: she has no money, no book or movie deals,” Jeff Weiner, March 4, 2013

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