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Whether you’re desperate for a new beginning, or just simply have no choice, bankruptcy can be a terrifying option. Many people choose to go the long road to debt relief alone, which can add to their anxiety and hesitation. For those that want help with making their decision to file bankruptcy, or with the actual bankruptcy process, skilled attorneys can be a valuable asset.

Bankruptcy law is complex, and can get confusing for some individuals. That is why finding a trusted attorney, with knowledge of bankruptcy law, is so important. While most of us hope to never need an attorney, sometimes things happen that make having an attorney necessary. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of those things. During a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, assets are sold to settle debt. For individuals without representation, the key items that could be preserved are often lost in the mix. Homes, retirement accounts and other important assets can actually be protected from the Chapter 7 liquidation, and having a skilled bankruptcy attorney can help identify those assets and keep them in your ownership.

We never plan to file bankruptcy, but sometimes it happens. When it does, it’s nice to know there is someone there to have your back. A bankruptcy attorney can ease your anxiety, and make the transition from in debt to debt free much smoother and less scary than doing it alone. With their knowledge and resources, you can stay informed of the law and protected from losing important assets. Keeping key assets safe from your Chapter 7 bankruptcy can make all the difference in your fresh start.