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There are pros and cons to consider when filing for bankruptcy. One of the greatest immediate pros is almost unarguably the benefit of having a stay put on the collection actions of your creditors. That means no more harassing calls beginning before your morning coffee and ending after you have put the kids to bed. No more letters. And if all goes according to plan, no judgments against you. And finally, a fresh start with a lower, more feasible payment plan.

But could you potentially file and refile for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to keep creditors at bay?

In reality, if you have stuck to the terms of your bankruptcy orders and court rules and as long as you did not petition to have your bankruptcy case dismissed in the event that a creditor requested relief from the stay, you can file for Chapter 13 again as soon as you desire. If you have had a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 case dismissed due to a violation of court orders or based upon your request because a creditor requested a lift to the stay, you only have to wait six months before you can file again and are once again granted an automatic stay against creditor collection attempts.

When considering something as serious as bankruptcy and possible ways to make bankruptcy work for your situation, it is likely in your best interest to find a bankruptcy attorney in Florida who can assist you with the process and answer even the most difficult of questions.