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Indie music fans in Miami are likely familiar with musician Chan Marshal, also known as Cat Power. Fans may not be aware however of her recent financial issues that may be leading to a bankruptcy filing. This is despite a recent successful album and sold-out concerts. The news has led her to cancel the European leg of her tour.

As is the case with any bankruptcy filing, there are of course many different reasons as to why someone finds themselves at this point. In the case of Cat Power, health issues may be a contributing factor. Along with the announcement of the tour cancellation, she told fans that she suffers from angioedema. This is a condition that leads to swelling of various parts of the body. In the worst cases, individuals suffocate when their throat swells shut.

Health problems are a major cause of bankruptcy throughout the nation and affect individuals of all genders and occupations. Even when someone has health insurance, persistent medical conditions can lead to mounting bills.

There really is something to the notion of a starving artist. While for those who feel the calling to perform as a career would probably not want to do anything else, it is fair to say that most creative individuals would probably prefer that medical benefits be easily accessible. Because they are not however, when musicians and other artists find themselves dealing with medical issues, one’s financial world can crumble.

It is not clear if Cat Power has medical insurance. Even if she does, this is not a barrier to financial problems.

Source: The Atlantic Wire, “There’s No Money In Indie Music: Cat Power Is Broke,” David Wagner, Oct. 31, 2012

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