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There are certain things in life that are suitable for do-it-yourself projects. Keeping track of your finances is something that many people choose to do on their own. When the financial situation gets complicated and debts start to pile up because of a job loss or unexpected expenses, the time might be nearing when you will need someone to step in and help you with your finances.

One option that we have discussed at length for Florida residents who are facing mounting credit card and other debt is to file for bankruptcy. While the process might seem fairly easy, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Because filing for bankruptcy has to do with the court system and the government, it is vitally important that all filers understand exactly what they are doing. Making sure forms are filled out properly and information is properly represented are also vital when filing for bankruptcy. Means tests, technical jargon, property exemptions, reaffirmations and more are some of the topics that might come up during a bankruptcy. That is where having someone on your side who is familiar with bankruptcy law comes into the picture.

From trying to help you negotiate to keep the assets you need through reaffirming debts or revamping the agreement, we try to help you find ways to make your bankruptcy as smooth as possible. Whether you meet the means requirements to file for a liquidation bankruptcy through Chapter 7 or need to file a restructuring of payments under Chapter 13, it is vital for you to fully understand your options to ensure you pick the best choice for your situation.