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When hard times hit, many people are forced to turn to payday loans and credit cards to get by. Once this process begins, it can be difficult to stop. Interest builds and as the number of payments increase, there is less money left to pay out, leading to a downward spiral that has pulled many Americans into a seemingly hopeless position. Often the only choice available when this point is reached is to file for bankruptcy to get a clean start and try again. The question that remains is whether or not to hire an attorney.

Paying the fee for a bankruptcy lawyer is expensive, but the United States Courts strongly recommend that legal advice is sought. This is because there are a number of ways that lawyers can make the process easier, including the following:

  • Explain the processes and procedures that are involved in bankruptcy law
  • Offer legal and debt advice
  • Assist you when filling out the complicated forms
  • File all paperwork

There are also several aspects of your case that a bankruptcy lawyer can advise you about. Some of the most common topics for discussion include whether or not you should continue to make payments to your creditors. You can also get help deciding which chapter to file under and whether you should file a bankruptcy petition. The tax consequences of filing and information about whether you should discharge debts or keep your vehicle or home after claiming bankruptcy can also be discussed.

Since the judge and other employees in the court are unable to offer legal advice due to restrictive laws, the information an attorney can give may be crucial to the success of your case and your life after filing. Some people believe that filing pro se with a non-attorney petition preparer can offer the same benefits, but these assistants are not allowed to represent you in court or give any answers to legal questions. The paperwork can be confusing and mistakes can affect the success of your case.

When using legal help, it is advisable to wait to make any important decisions until you have spoken with your lawyer. U.S. News cautions against transferring assets or making other changes until you discuss these options with your attorney. if you need to file for bankruptcy, contact an experienced attorney today. The guidance of a legal professional can ensure that you reach the best outcome possible as you get a fresh beginning and start on the road to financial recovery.