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The feeling of being able to say that you own your home free and clear is one that most homeowners are eager to experience. For one couple with a home in Broward County, Florida, that has been a feeling they have known for 15 years. The couple, however, discovered that their paid-for home had been foreclosed upon.

The snowbirds recently returned from spending time in another state when they discovered that the locks on their Coconut Creek home had been changed. They found a lock box on the door and discovered the electricity was turned off. The horror of the mistaken foreclosure didn’t stop there. The couple discovered their kitchen was cleaned out and stickers were all over the belongings that remained.

The woman called the phone number she found on one of the stickers. The person told her that her home wasn’t one on the list. The company, SafeGuard Properties, the bank hired had foreclosed the wrong home. The home they were supposed to foreclose upon was six homes down the road.

The couple is determining their losses. They are trying to settle the matter without having to go to court. Their attorney says that what happened was “legalized burglary.”

This couple isn’t the only couple that has had trouble with the company. The attorney general in another state has filed a lawsuit against the company, which is said to hire unscrupulous sub-contractors. Homeowners in 31 states have also done the same.

This couple shouldn’t have had to deal with the horror of foreclosure. If you are facing foreclosure, you might have legal options that can help you stop foreclosure to avoid having a company change your home’s locks. Taking action before it is too late is vital to try to get the process stopped.

Source: Local10.com, “Couple’s paid-off home foreclosed mistakenly” Roger Lohse, Mar. 17, 2014