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Approximately 15,000 people were ripped off by three telemarketers who based their operations out of the state. The Federal Trade Commission, the Attorney General’s Office of Florida, and an attorney working to get back lost assets claim that these men milked their victims out of around $70 million. The men allegedly sought out victims who were struggling with debt by offering them some sort of debt relief.

Both the Federal Trade Commission and the attorney general’s office filed a complaint in federal court concerning these schemers. According to that complaint, the telemarketers told customers that they would pay off their personal debts. They also offered to obtain dismissals, consolidate, or pay off the debts of their victims.

Customers were said to have paid anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand per month to one of the companies that is alleged to have been part of the scheme. Sadly, on most of these cases, the company never made a payment to help alleviate the debt of the customers. Some of the victims were even sued by their debtors and had to file bankruptcy to stop debt collections.

Those living in Florida who are struggling with debt may want to be careful whom they choose to help with their debt relief. They may choose to hire a bankruptcy attorney who can guide them in how to stop debt collections without paying money to telemarketers and others who claim to be helping to consolidate debt. Experienced and knowledgeable professionals such as a bankruptcy lawyer can help clients avoid similar schemes and get a fresh financial start.

Source: miamiherald.com, “Pompano-Beach debt-relief company accused of stealing $70 million“, Joseph A. Mann Jr., Aug. 2, 2017