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We often talk about different kinds of bankruptcies on our blog because people are always looking for ways to put the housing crisis behind them. While this crisis is currently in the process evolving into a time of greater prosperity for some, others are still trying to find their way.

One of the most effective ways is filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy but having to do so can leave some people with feelings of negativity. In today’s post, we will explore some of these feelings in the hopes of helping you and others like you feel better about your overall situation during bankruptcy.

Some of the negative emotions that arise upon filing a bankruptcy include low self-esteem, lack of confidence and even feelings of failure. These feelings typically occur because we grow up believing that achieving success is marked by the possessions we gain over our lifetime. When we lose these possessions, especially due to bankruptcy, we feel we have failed to live up to the American definition of success.

Understanding these feelings is often the first step in overcoming them, and believe it or not, a bankruptcy attorney can help you with the other steps that include finding a workable plan and keeping your home or other possessions. How does an attorney help? By working closely with you to find alternatives that won’t tear the life you’ve built into pieces. Chapter 13 is one such alternative as it can allow you to hold on to the items that are most dear to your family and your way of life while reducing or eliminating your debt.

If you are facing bankruptcy and are having trouble coping with imminent life changes, an attorney can be a surprising source of help and support. We invite you to browse our information-packed web pages to see if an attorney can help you, especially our section on bankruptcy’s emotional impact.