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In today’s world, it is unfortunately common to hear about new scams being perpetrated. Many of these schemes are designed to take money, information or even an identity from the victim. One such swindle could dupe Florida residents, as well as residents in other states, right into homelessness. A recent foreclosure scam is leaving its victims with nothing.

One of those victims had seemingly already hit rock bottom. His wife had been killed and he had lost his job due to his own injuries. His disability check was barely enough for him to survive on, and he was about to lose his home. He managed to scrape together enough money to pay a company to help him avoid that loss, but ironically, that company took the home instead.

According to the report, a voice on the phone promised the man that the company would help keep his home out of foreclosure. He was picked up by a shiny black Mercedes and taken to an office where he sat at a conference table, holding the deed to his property. It was there that he finalized the deal that was supposed to keep his home out of foreclosure. He was told to fire his lawyer and, because of his poor credit, allow his home to be signed over to the company for 90 days so that it could get a loan modification for him.

The man signed stacks of papers, desperate to keep his home. Of course, the loan modification never went through and his home was basically stolen. Anyone facing foreclosure could be a victim of such a scam and should contact an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, who actually can help to stop a foreclosure. In Florida, these bankruptcy attorneys can guide the client in how to keep their home and avoid fraudsters looking to cash in on his or her financial woes.

Source: detroitnews.com, “Foreclosure scams trick victims into homelessness“, Matt Sedensky, April 23, 2017