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Foreclosures have wreaked havoc on Florida homeowners during the last few years. To address the state’s high number of foreclosures, a Florida lawmaker has proposed four different bills to help struggling homeowners facing foreclosure.

The proposed bills would address the foreclosure process in a few different ways, all aimed at trying to help homeowners stay in their homes and crack down on lenders who file false documents in Florida courts.

One of the proposed bills would use taxpayer support for individuals and families who are facing foreclosure. Another bill would make it more difficult for banks to take homeowners to court for unpaid debt and a third bill would increase enforcement and investigations of lenders who use false documents to foreclose on homeowners in Florida.

The lawmaker who proposed the bills said that they will help ease the foreclosure crisis in Florida and help families continue to live in their home by making it more affordable as well as address ways to provide debt relief for many families.

In addition to these proposed bills, Florida still has yet to decide what to do with the $200 million they received from the national mortgage settlement. Lawmakers have not said how they will use the money but they have said that they want to use it to address the state’s foreclosure problem.

Florida has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. In fact, foreclosure filings have continued to increase during the last year, with foreclosures significantly increasing during the last year alone.

Source: Bradenton Herald, “Orlando Senator files four foreclosure bills, calling Florida’s No. 1 ranking ‘shameful,'” Feb. 27, 2013