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Many Americans may think the economy is improving. However, new numbers on the national average for credit card debt show that, although our economy may not be back to 100 percent, we sure are spending like it is.

Right now the national average for credit card debt is approximately $7,200 or just $1,100 shy of what some analysts consider to be an unsustainable level of debt for the American family. After nearly 18 months of a continued increase in spending, Americans may be showing a newfound comfort in the economy that their incomes don’t necessarily support. When you consider the fact that American incomes have crawled only 2 percent higher than they were in 2007, our renewed love of spending may seem irresponsible to some.

Looking ahead at increased debt and stagnant incomes, some people may wonder if hard working American families are not just setting themselves up for default. Even though the number of bankruptcy filings have increased substantially over the last year, it could still be related to the hardship dealt out during the mid 2000s. Some American families may still be feeling the squeeze from almost a decade ago.

The hope is that American families spend wisely and never have to experience that struggle again. However unrealistic it is to think we may never see another recession, individuals can try to do their part to make sure they’re prepared for just such an event. Getting in control of personal spending is an easy way to manage one’s family finances.