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As any regular reader of this blog knows, all types of people in Miami and other places in throughout the country find themselves facing financial hardship. The best option for many of those people to move through the difficulty is to file for bankruptcy. Recently, reality personality Danielle Staub sought relief through this method. She filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The filing indicates that the former star of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” owes a total of $1.9 million. In addition to owing money to retailers such as the Gap and Nordstrom, she reportedly owes the Internal Revenue Service $111,161. She also is behind $70,000 in taxes to the township in which she used to reside. The house she formerly lived in is apparently on the market. Most recently, it was on the market for $899,000.

Bankruptcy documents also indicate that her income for the year is $63,791. Compared to what is owed, this is a paltry amount. Her most recent paycheck reportedly came from her appearance on another reality show called “Famous Food,” as well as Dial-A-Star where fans can reportedly pay to talk with her.

As is the case in most Chapter 7 filings, it is likely that Staub’s possessions will be sold and the proceeds of the sale distributed to creditors. Once the process is complete, she will be facing a fresh financial start.

Perhaps hearing of another person who has seen a share of the limelight filing for bankruptcy protection will make it easier for others who find themselves in the same predicament to take the action necessary to resolve the issue.

Source: The Star-Ledger, “Danielle Stab’s bankruptcy: Post-‘Real Housewives,’ mortgage woes, legal fees, discount shopping,” Vicki Hyman, June 13, 2012