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If you are in the situation where Chapter 13 bankruptcy seems like your best or only option, but are reluctant to hire an attorney, it will likely be recommended by those that came before you, to reconsider. Some people may look at a bankruptcy filing and think they have it under control, they may even properly fill out all the necessary schedules and forms. However, without enhanced knowledge of the process, there are literally dozens of things that can go wrong. As any bankruptcy attorney can tell you, missing documents and late deadlines is a great way to get your petition for bankruptcy dismissed.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or a restructuring bankruptcy, is vastly more complex than its Chapter 7 counterpart. Usually a debt relief option for business owners or individuals with enough income to repay a portion of their debt, Chapter 13 filings are designed to reorganize debt and not simply discharge it. It is for this reason that the Chapter 13 process is quite a bit more complicated.

For individuals with little or no knowledge of bankruptcy law, the process of filing the petition and filling out the schedules can seem daunting. A highly skilled and trusted bankruptcy attorney can help take the burden away from you during this already difficult time, and may make the process smoother and quicker than going it alone. Filing for bankruptcy is a time consuming and involved process. The last thing that you’ll want is to go through all that hard work just to find out that you’ve missed something. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can see you through a successful debt restructuring, and on to living a debt free life.