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Those who are looking for debt relief have the option to take advantage of filing for bankruptcy. Depending on the situation, some will file for Chapter 7, but others will choose to file for Chapter 13. Should you be someone who is considering Chapter 13, you will want to ensure you are eligible to do so before taking the time out of your schedule to start the process.

The following are examples of when a person is not eligible for Chapter 13:

  • You have not completed credit counseling.
  • Your debt was discharged within the past two years in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Your debt was discharged within the past four years in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • You have a bankruptcy case that was dismissed within the past 6 months.

Many people may be concerned about how they will get out of debt if they cannot file bankruptcy. Just because someone is not eligible for Chapter 13 doesn’t mean they won’t be able to get the debt relief they are seeking. Depending on the reason they are ineligible, they could be able to file at a later date or even work to satisfy the requirements and file. Either way, debt relief is still possible, and people should keep bankruptcy in mind.

It is not easy dealing with debt, which is why many people choose bankruptcy. There may be a variety of options available to help you get out of debt, but you have to find the right option for you. Anyone who has found themselves facing financial challenges and needs assistance getting out of debt can speak to an attorney about Chapter 13 bankruptcy and whether or not they qualify.