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As most of our readers know, credit card debt, auto loans and medical bills are what lead many people to file bankruptcy. Before people file for bankruptcy, they often have to deal with the creditors’ attempts to collect on the debts. Dealing with those creditors can prove to be very challenging for some people. We don’t want any of our Miami neighbors to have to deal with the stress of dealing with creditors.

One thing that our readers should know is that knowledge really is power when you are dealing with creditors. Some creditors employ specific tactics with the assumption that you don’t know the laws. Under this assumption, they might think they can intimidate you or harass you. They might try to threaten you. None of those actions are acceptable for debt collection techniques. We don’t want you to have to deal with all those phone calls and letters that collections agencies might use to try to collect the debt.

We can help you learn your options for dealing with creditors. Even if you don’t know the Florida laws for collections, we can help you to learn what you need to know. We can also help you learn about ways to take control of your financial situation.

One option we can help you to learn about is bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one option for people who are overwhelmed with debt. If you don’t meet the qualifications for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you might still qualify for protection under Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you do file for bankruptcy, we can help you make the collection calls stop immediately.