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If you are facing financial ruin, if you cannot make important payments, much less minimum payments on credit cards, you probably know how devastating the future can look. It may seem wise to take out additional credit cards and loans in hopes that you will one day be able to pay them all off, but the reality is, if you are only paying minimums or are not paying at all, ever getting to the point of paying off your cards is probably little more than a pipe dream.

It may seem like the least opportune time to benefit from an attorney, but only a knowledgeable attorney can provide you with the comfort of knowing you are in good hands and take the worry out of so much of the busy work that you struggle to figure out, much less find time for.

An attorney can also present you with options regarding your future and the next best steps to take to protect your credit as much as possible or keep you in your house, or with a vehicle, or whatever matters most to you. So if you are afraid of losing everything, and you can prioritize what is most integral for you to retain, there may be ways to lose debt and retain some assets.

This is where The Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero, PA Attorneys at Law,comes into play and can shine for you. We will take the time to fully understand every aspect of your financial situation as well as your needs and wants and then explore every option to find a financial path that suits your circumstances.