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It pours when it rains, or have you not heard? And sometimes being debt free sounds like a notion that is absurd. But maybe you have everything that you need and you feel that if the bills could diminish you may finally get some relief. You know you have to go several years with bad credit but you’re already sinking those numbers with all of your bad debt. If this is the case, bankruptcy is a valid choice but you believe what you could lose won’t make you rejoice.

Still, with the right attorney, there is some relief and you may find your favorite assets are still in your fleet. For instance, your car, if you owe more than it’s worth, you may find it’s still yours provided you’ve made your payments and continue going forth.

In most states, your house is a similar story with basic Chapter 7, if you owe more than its value you retain your own private heaven. In Florida, you may be in an even better boat, with a generous homesteaders allowance helping you stay financially afloat.

A great option you have if you are worried about bills is to consult a Florida bankruptcy attorney. They can evaluate your situation and put you on the best path for this journey. So don’t let the expenses of living become overly taxing; discuss alternative solutions with your attorney so you can begin relaxing. A light at the end of the tunnel may soon be in sight, simply stay the course with your budget and determine if bankruptcy is personally right.