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Child Custody & Relocating

What You Need to Know About Child Custody & Relocating

A parent may need to relocate to another part of the state or out of state for many reasons. If a parent wants to take his or her child, a custody modification is needed to accommodate the relocation.

At The Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero, PA Attorneys at Law, we help individuals with parental relocation, child custody and more. We help explain the relocation process, what types of relocations are most likely to be approved and what factors the courts will consider in relocation requests.

Our attorneys are proactive in finding solutions for our clients. We promote open communication and encourage our clients to ask questions throughout the legal process. Over the years, we have maintained a proven track record in divorce and family law.

Moving Children And Relocating

Parental relocation is a significant change that requires the court’s approval. Custody modifications are typically approved only under very specific circumstances that involve significant changes. Parents cannot move with a child simply because they want to. The move will be approved only if it is in the child’s best interests.

Our lawyers work with parents on issues involving custody modifications, changes in visitation rights and move-aways. If you are considering a move and want to take your child with you, you need to talk with an attorney. We will help explain the law and advise you on a strategy that is likely to work best for your family law matter.

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