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Debt Settlement Options





Over the last 30 years, the Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero has been helping and assisting clients in many ways.  We have involved in small and big matters and still giving the same attention that you desire in situations that you want  resolved.
At times, many do not know how to approach a debt that you are having problems in paying and it’s sometimes difficult to talk or explain your situation to anyone, including an attorney.
As a lawyer, it’s our duty to help you.  We are aware, and most of all, attentive of your need for assistance, big or small.  Do not think your problem doesn’t have a solution or end to it. Give us a try.  We will listen to you and give you the best options available to resolve whatever debt or debt collector-related problem you have.  Below are options for someone that has only one debt or two, bankruptcy may not be the first choice and looking for debt settlement options.


Most people do not want to be sued when there is a debt owed.  They acknowledge that the debt is owed an unable to pay or come to terms with the creditor.   Moreover, it has happened that you are okay with everything else, but this one debt or lawsuit. If your faced with a lawsuit, regardless if it just started or right in the middle of it, we can help in assisting you and guiding you to a resolution.  The resolution may be to negotiate  for less amount, lower the interest, lower the attorney fees and moreover attempt a payment plan comfortable for you.  At times, you may feel you have a defense so we will propose any defenses you are entitled to and continue the matter with your best interests in mind.  If you are in this situation, we will more than happy to listen to you and more importantly, hear you.  We have the experience and knowledge to give you best options for you.


How many times have you come across a debt, old or new, that you haven’t  been able to resolve.  You are okay with your credit card debt, rent or mortgage current, car payment up to date, but this particular one you are having a difficult time to close.  The collection company still harass you by calling you every day, send you collection letters with threatening language.  Does this sound familiar? What can you do?  Call us for a free consultation.  We can listen to you and your needs to close this matter out.  We have been assisting clients over 30 years in this same situation.  We will give you options, talk to the creditor directly and try to come to some agreement that will give you a piece of mind.
We know, over the years, clients have approached us with a debt that is not considered a normal debt, like a credit card or loan debt.  It may be a debt that you do not know if it is enforceable, or maybe they can not sue you, but still, you are being harassed in the same manner.  This debt may be foreign, or for example, you agreed with your neighbor to split the cost of the fence and he is charging more than  agreed.   Another example of miscellaneous debt is you allowed your friend to park his boat on your property and the boat gets damaged by a tree, he blames you even though it wasn’t your fault.  What do you do?  Call Us!  We have been faced with so many different types of conflicts that we already have a plan for you before you finish talking.
Come to us for help.  You deserve our attention and time so we can give the best options, solutions, plans, and whatever we can assist you in your position.  You have nothing to lose, the meeting is free, with no hidden agenda.  If anything, you will walk out of office with the confidence that someone understands you and more importantly, a plan for a easy solution.

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