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Our clients have been surprised to find out that the bankruptcy laws are more helpful than they first realized. One of the few advantages in filing for bankruptcy is that it can stop the foreclosure process. This gives the debtor a chance to start paying their arrearage back, little by little. This plan, like a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, typically lasts five years and would include any unpaid property taxes, association arrearages, equity loans, second mortgages and lines of credit.

Our clients have been relieved to know that by filing for bankruptcy, they are able to save their home in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and can eliminate most or all of their credit card debt. Thus, there is a double benefit in filing for bankruptcy — you can save your home and pay off your credit card debt. You then have only one payment to make to the court to satisfy your debts.

Patrick Cordero personally understands that no one wins when your home is foreclosed on — not the bank, not the real estate market and certainly not you. In today’s complex and tough economic environment, everyone’s goal is to keep you in your home, which means that there are opportunities and options you can explore to avoid foreclosures, reduce your monthly payments, defer your debt or lock down a better interest rate.

At The Miami Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero, PA Attorneys at Law, the attorneys and staff give personal attention to each and every case we handle. You will feel secure that you have the ability to move on with your life, both financially and emotionally. Patrick Cordero understands your problem and can help you explore the options available to you that may help you avoid foreclosure.


At The Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero, PA Attorneys at Law, we offer a hands-on approach for clients that keeps them informed and involved. Take advantage of our free initial consultation to sit down with an attorney and have your current situation evaluated, and find out how we can put our 25 years of bankruptcy experience to work saving your home.

Call us today at 305-445-4855 or contact us online to schedule your appointment. We also assist Spanish-speaking clients.

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Avoiding Foreclosure

Our bankruptcy attorneys have built a 25-year reputation for helping thousands of clients in the South Florida area of all incomes and walks of life. If you have been served with notice of foreclosure, swift action is critical for protecting your family and your home. Our lawyers understand the foreclosure process and know how to negotiate with banks for mortgage modifications or payment plans that will help you avoid having to sign over your home.

Don’t choose to give up the monetary and personal investments you have put into your home without exploring every option available to you. Current economic troubles and the housing crisis have put banks in a position where it is far more beneficial and profitable for them to restructure your loan through a mortgage modification rather than trying to move foreclosed property in a difficult market.

Banks are more willing than ever to work with you.