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Divorce Modifications

Making Changes After a Settlement Has Been Reached

Divorce decrees, custody agreements and other family law-related agreements are meant to be final, but sometimes such agreements must be changed. A drastic change in circumstances such as a job loss, relocation or other instances may require an agreement to be legally modified.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero, PA Attorneys at Law, have significant experience advocating for men and women throughout South Florida in family law issues. Our lawyers work proactively to resolve issues and make the legal process as seamless as possible.

Divorce Modifications

The courts will use specific criteria to evaluate whether a modification is warranted. When you work with our lawyers, we will explain what the judge will look at and what the likely outcome will be. We will take the initiative in gathering information so we can most efficiently resolve your legal issue.

We handle all types of divorce modifications, including:

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