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Tania Garcia



Ms. Tania Garcia graduated from Jones College in 1987 with a degree from their Legal Secretary Program. From 1987 to 2001, Tania has been employed in the legal field until 2001. In 2001, Tania Garcia joined The Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero P.A., as a paralegal, and after 19 years of hard work and earning the respect from her colleagues and clients, she is currently the Senior Paralegal Administrator and Personal Assistant to Mr. Cordero. She is known for her compassion for clients and uses her unique knowledge and experience in assisting both the staff and clients. She also provides the attorneys in our bankruptcy law practice with solid and reliable legal assistance and serves as a listening ear to our clients. In addition to her bankruptcy law experience, her specialty in the firm is handling small claims actions in the Debt Settlement Department. Currently, she is the head administrator for that department.

In addition to all of her traits, she also deals, on a daily basis, issues with she has also foreclosure defense to stop it, real estate and family law. Bankruptcy and Family Law clients are often faced with a variety of emotional situations. Tania excels in this area. She presents a calm, helpful and supportive demeanor as she handles their immediate needs, while patiently explaining procedures. While our clients experience open and frequent communication with their attorney, she is an additional liaison between the client and our firm. All of the attorneys in the firm look to her often as the initial contact with our clients. She is also relied upon by the attorneys for drafting necessary documents and meeting directly with the client’s.

Overall, Tania is extremely valuable to the firm in many ways, and she will continue her quest not only in making sure the law firm accomplishes its’ responsibilities, but also making sure the clients, old and new, are well represented by the firm.



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