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When you are falling behind and your bills, you may try to manage your stress and pay off a little with each paycheck. You may feel that surprising relief from having no disposable income but also having paid down your debt. But then the phone rings. It’s not a number in your contact list, so you Google it. Ah, it is a creditor you have not yet been able to pay. The feeling of relief is gone and anxiety is creeping back in. You may block the number but an hour later another call comes in, one number off from the previous one and you recognize the city and state as being the same as the recently blocked caller. Upon searching the Internet again, you verify it is the same creditor. And this just keeps happening.

Aren’t there laws against creditor harassment? Can they really call you morning, noon and night? How many times can a creditor call you in a day?

The truth is, there are no specifics when it comes to creditor calling. The federal government merely stipulates that the debt collector cannot harass or abuse you by repeatedly calling. You are allowed to tell the debt collector to stop calling you. Once you tell the debt collector in writing that they must stop calling you, they are no longer allowed by law to call except to say they will stop and to notify you, if the case may be, that they are preceding with a lawsuit to collect what is owed.

If you are facing the anxiety that debt collectors can invite, you may want to consider talking to a Florida debt relief attorney. Your attorney can help you silence creditors and look into various debt relief options that may be available to you.