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Financial struggle has a way to beat us down. Debt and the stress that comes along with it can impact nearly every aspect of our lives. Knowing that financially based arguments are one of the main contributors to divorce, it should come as no surprise that struggling with money can affect our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Although it may be difficult to consider bankruptcy, your family’s happiness and the success of your marriage may depend on it.

Although not every short-term financial struggle calls for the drastic decision to file bankruptcy, major arguments with your spouse about money may signify that it’s time to do something about your situation. Repeated arguments over financial issues can increase stress between spouses, which may lead to a breakdown of the relationship. Addressing major financial concerns early on may help reduce or eliminate this breakdown and repair the damage it has caused.

It has been a long-standing and common belief that finances play a key role in the overall success and happiness of married couples. If you and your spouse have been struggling with debt for quite some time, bankruptcy may duly beneficial; giving you some financial relief and alleviating the tension between you and your spouse. Not only does addressing these issues help repair some of the damage from financial stress, but it could also help build communication, trust and coping skills between partners.

Continually struggling with finances and debt can take a significant toll on those involved. For spouses dealing with these issues, it may be beneficial to work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.