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One Florida couple got fed up with the 700 calls they received from the Bank of America over late payments on their mortgage. The couple claims that the bank and their agents “badgered” them unrelentingly over four years. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the couple sometimes received five robocalls about their delinquent payments per day. They would first call one’s cellphone and then the other’s. They also left messages on their home answering service.

Their adult son, a mortgage broker, attempted to assist his parents with a loan modification but could never speak to anyone able to help them at Bank of America. The senior citizens even hired an attorney to manage the situation, but they were still bombarded with calls. Finally, they decided to take some action.

Under provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the couple sued and were awarded over a million dollars by a federal judge.

They filed in federal court over the summer and received a default judgment when the bank missed their deadline for responding to the complaint.

If you are facing similar circumstances of being unreasonably and illegally hounded by creditors in Miami, it is important to realize that you have debt resolution options that are available to you. Filing for consumer bankruptcy can halt foreclosure proceedings and allow you the time you need to restructure your financial affairs and set a new financial path.

Speaking to a Florida bankruptcy attorney is a good way to learn what options would best meet your needs and save your home from foreclosure.

Source: FOX News, “Couple awarded $1 million from ‘unrelenting’ Bank of America” Dec. 13, 2014