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When your finances become overwhelming, getting back on top of things can feel impossible. Adding insult to injury, debt collectors can be ruthless and are notorious for not following the laws regarding when and how they can contact you. If you are dealing with creditor harassment, you may have options. Understanding the laws and your rights is the first step.

Many Florida residents facing large or past due debts can be embarrassed about their financial situations, and this can keep them from talking to those who can help. Creditors know this and use it to their advantage, counting on the fact that you will think dealing with them is just part of having debts.

Once you know your rights and what creditors can and cannot do by law, it can give you the confidence to handle — and even stop — collections calls so you don’t have to cringe every time the phone rings. We know what the Florida collections laws are and can talk with you about your unique situation to help you better understand your options and which path may be the best for you.

While bankruptcy can be a very scary word, there are different options depending on the type and amount of debt you have, and taking steps to get out from under the weight of past due bills and collections calls can be an important move forward. Financial problems can take a toll on your emotional and physical health as well. Find out more about your options and today could be the first day of a new life.