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If you are facing financial struggle, chances are it wasn’t one big event that caused it. More often than not, it is a series of several unfortunate events that are to blame for families falling behind on mounting debt. There are, however, several common events that are significant enough alone to rapidly plunge families into bankruptcy.

One of the most commonly understood threats to financial stability is that of medical expenses. One Harvard University study suggests that significant medical debt accounts for the filing of some 62 percent of personal bankruptcies. Serious injuries, catastrophic accidents and rare diseases can result in an incredible amount of medical debt that can quickly deplete a family’s savings. Given the significance of these events, just one major incident can send a family into bankruptcy.

Job loss and divorce may not produce the same amount of debt as a medical event, but can be just as financially devastating. The sudden loss of a job without prior notice can leave a family scrambling to make ends meet. If this situation is compounded by any other financial events, no matter how significant, it may be enough to send a family plummeting into debt. Likewise, divorce has the potential to wreak havoc on an individual’s finances. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a marriage’s dissolution, a lengthy and exhausting legal battle can rack up just as much debt as a serious illness.

Fortunately for families, there are numerous resources available to help stay afloat when disaster strikes. To successfully navigate through tough financial situations, families may benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney. Regardless of whether they are facing a new financial hardship or have been struggling for a while, an experienced attorney will know what options are available and can make recommendations to fit their needs.