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Very few people go through life without using credit. We use credit for everyday expenses or to make more substantial purchases such as a home or vehicle. We obtain this credit with the full intention of repaying it. And often, the more credit we have, the more we can get. Although it’s extremely beneficial to our way of life, obtaining too much credit can lead to difficulties. When unexpected things happen in life, such as unforeseen medical expenses or unemployment, we may find ourselves in a situation where we have more debt than we can repay. Nobody wants to end up with these financial challenges, but many people do.

When we find ourselves dealing with excessive debt, many times we end up with no choice but to file for bankruptcy. In addition to the incredible stress this can cause us or our family, more often than not, the creditor’s aggression can significantly increase that pressure. It is expected and understandable that regardless of a borrower’s situation, a lender wants to be paid. While it is easy to understand a lender’s interest in collecting from their debtors, we need to be careful that this understanding doesn’t cause us to accept unlawful actions or behaviors from our creditors.

Quite often, creditors abuse their position, overstepping their bounds by taking illegal measures to force or pressure a debtor into paying. When we, as debtors, know we simply don’t have the means to pay the creditor, we can sometimes feel helpless and at the mercy of the creditor and their harassment.

There are ways to protect you against creditor harassment and ensure the aggressive behavior ends. Creditors don’t expect the consumer to know collections laws and often assume you won’t seek assistance. By ensuring the exact opposite, and hiring an attorney to help you, you can be educated on your rights, and get out from under the suffocating stress of being unnecessarily harassed by debt collectors.