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Many people think that their financial struggle doesn’t get easier until the bankruptcy has gone through and discharged all their debts. While it’s nice to know that you will soon be debt free, it may be better to know that the automatic stay will help you get there.

The automatic stay is a special feature of bankruptcy petitions that stops creditors and bill collectors from pursuing their claim against you. This may be especially helpful if your situation has become dire and you are facing eviction or jail time. While bankruptcy cannot wash away back owed child support, the automatic stay can stop collection efforts while the bankruptcy process is going on. Likewise if you are facing eviction from your home, the automatic stay will keep you in your home for the duration of the process.

From the moment your creditors are made aware of your petition to file bankruptcy, the automatic stay is in effect. From that point forward you can find relief knowing your power will stay on, your phone will stop ringing and you won’t be harassed by creditors. During the automatic stay, while all of your bill collectors and creditors are at bay, you can make the necessary arrangements for your post bankruptcy life. Once the automatic stay lifts, foreclosure proceedings and collection efforts may continue for any debt not discharged in your bankruptcy.

If you are struggling with finances and are considering bankruptcy, you may benefit from speaking to a trusted bankruptcy attorney. With their help you can begin the bankruptcy process and find relief in the protection of the automatic stay.