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A growing industry in America today seems to be debt recovery and no wonder with the current economic climate and the ever growing trend towards cheap credit. While interest rates remain at record lows and access to credit increases, a significant number of American households find themselves in a tight financial position. A sudden change in employment, a prolonged injury or sickness might be enough to push many into a credit crisis that could threaten home foreclosure, loss of property and more.

As a preamble to financial actions, creditors will invariably begin to contact you to arrange payments on overdue amounts. At times, they will hire third party firms to call your home, business or place of work; however, some collection agencies can be overly zealous in their pursuit, and it can begin to feel like harassment. An already stressful financial reality can be increasingly overwhelming when bill collectors start overstepping what you feel is reasonable. Contacting associates and friends or repeatedly calling to attempt to make you pay is not an unheard of practice but is by no means acceptable.

Credit recovery agents and the companies that they work for have very clear guidelines in which they must operate. Legislation aimed at stamping out ardent recovery methods that infringe on your well-being exist to help reduce the stresses of persistent and unacceptable contact. Knowing the law and letting your lender know that you are aware of your rights is a strong first step to ending debt collector harassment.

Part of knowing your rights is to learn what options are available that might protect you and your assets from unlawful seizure or foreclosure fraud. Speak with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to find information on laws pertaining to debt collection as well as options like bankruptcy, home equity loans, debit repositioning and more that can alleviate your financial challenges and bring to an end unnecessary credit stress.