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Every business goes through its ups and downs. When there is a financial loss in the company, you have to keep taking financial help in the form of loans and keeping assets as a mortgage to keep the functions of the business running. Assets can be taken by the bank at any time if you fail to fulfill the repayment of the loan amount. This process is called the foreclosure of the property in case of bankruptcy. You definitely don’t want to lose your assets, right? So, it is better that you take advice from a good bankruptcy and real estate attorney Miami FL who has experience in filing petitions under chapter 7 and chapter 13. These 2 chapters protect the rights of individuals and prevent the bank from taking their assets away.

Chapters 11 and 13 offer reorganization of the deal made between the debtor and the lender. The deal is re-considered to make things adjustable for the debtor and avoid foreclosure. These complicated terms and measures are difficult to understand for a layman, but for a lawyer who has been practicing in this area, it is an everyday business. Instead of making silly decisions and getting yourself into further trouble, you should consider consulting a bankruptcy attorney or real estate lawyer in Miami.

How a real estate lawyer can help?

Real estate lawyers know about all the rules and legal formalities that the government has set in the case of bankruptcy. He/she deals with such problems every single day and knows about laws that can help you settle your debt in other ways besides getting your assets liquefied.

If you would like help from the best real estate lawyers and bankruptcy attorneys in Florida, get in touch with The Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero. The 31 years of experience and services offered by Patrick L. Cordero Esq and his team offers unparalleled results. With dedication, honesty, compassion, commitment, and transparency, the firm has protected the rights of individuals and solved multiple complex cases. Book your appointment now to get a free consultation.

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