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Being in debt is extremely frustrating. Even more frustrating is having debt collectors call at all hours harassing you and your family. While getting out of debt may take some serious work, putting an end to creditor harassment may only take one meeting with an experienced attorney.

Debt collectors and lenders both have a job to do, but it is how they do it that matters. When individuals and families are facing insurmountable debt, the last thing they need is an insensitive, uncaring and intimidating bill collector at the other end of the phone. A creditor’s harassing tactics and threats have the power to make a simple walk to the mailbox unpleasant and can leave an individual riddled with anxiety and guilt.

Fortunately, individuals and families can find the relief they need by working with an experienced attorney. With their help, creditor harassment can come to an end and individuals struggling with debt can find the time they need to make important decisions regarding their family’s financial future. If bankruptcy or foreclosure is looming, an experienced attorney can help identify the options available to those in need, and can work with them to develop a plan to move forward away from debilitating debt.

Even if you plan to file for bankruptcy in the future, steps can be taken now to prevent you from living with creditor harassment from now until you file. An experienced attorney who understands the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act can contact your creditors and defend you against illegal and harassing collection practices. They may also be able to negotiate with your lenders to create a payment arrangement or settlement option on your behalf.

Regardless of the situation, no one deserves to live in fear of debt collection. Individuals and families wanting to free themselves from the intimidation and harassment of debt collection activity may benefit from speaking to an experienced attorney.