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People handle stressors differently. Some may gather all the information that is relevant and begin devising a plan to conquer and eliminate the stressors; others may bury their heads in the sand and hope it will just go away. A lot of the inaction regarding what to do with debt stems from not having a clear plan of action for your situation.

For instance, if the damage is done to your credit and too many missed payments have demolished your credit score, is it better to simply not pay at all? That way you retain your money. Or will creditors actually sue? Is there a magic number for when a debt is high enough to instigate a civil suit for repayment? When is it time to seriously consider bankruptcy? What will you lose if you do declare bankruptcy?

With so many questions abounding in the heads of those people struggling with debts, the added noise of continuous daily creditor calls can feel nearly debilitating. It may be beneficial to know that creditors are bound by certain regulations that restrict unethical or abusive collection practices.

However, if  you are overwhelmed by creditor calls and letters and don’t have answers to the multitude of questions regarding your debt’s repayment, you may benefit from the counsel of a Florida attorney who knows the answers to even your most complex debt questions and can give you an array of options for figuring your way out of the rough waters of debt and into a new day of easier sailing.