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There are over 787,000 divorces in the United States each year. Each and every one of these broken marriages started as a happy couple with bright dreams for their future. However, the stark reality is that divorce happens. This does not mean it comes out of the blue, though. Certain signs of a failing marriage are common for many people – regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factors. Learn these signs and marriage advice for what to do about them, below.   

You’re Fighting Nonstop

There are countless reasons that couples fight. These range from money, to children, to infidelity, and even the daily stresses of life. Whatever the reason in your particular case, rest assured that fights alone are not a sign of a failing marriage. When you and your spouse are fighting nonstop, however, something is amiss. 

If you find yourself constantly bickering, criticizing, and complaining about your partner, then you may be heading towards divorce and a broken marriage. The good news is that couples therapy can help turn these fights into something constructive. Remember that fights happen for a reason. A neutral third-party, like a therapist or counselor, can help you and your spouse determine that reason and move towards fixing it. Marriage tips are not always this straightforward, but they are when nonstop fighting is involved.  

broken marriageYou’re Not Communicating

Communication is the cornerstone of a healthy marriage. Sharing openly and honestly with your spouse is a non-negotiable part of the marriage pact. So, if you find yourself holding back, being dishonest, or simply not talking at all – you may be heading towards divorce. 

Communication comes in many forms. Sometimes it is the sharing mentioned above. Sometimes, though, communication is nonverbal. Ask yourself what your body language may be telling your partner. Are you, or are they, always standing far apart? This may be a subtle sign of a failing marriage.

There is no shortage of marriage advice about communication. You can look in your local bookstore or even read articles online. Learning how communication works, and what you can do to improve it with your spouse, can help avoid a broken marriage. 

There’s No Intimacy

Much like communication, there are many forms of intimacy. There is sexual intimacy, of course, but there are also emotional, intellectual, and experiential varieties. If you find yourself and your partner lacking intimacy, then you might be in a failing marriage.

 Intimacy can be restored in a number of ways. In fact, working on improving communication often leads to a natural increase in intimacy. The more you and your spouse share, the closer you will become. This can help heal a floundering relationship.

Prepare With An Expert Divorce Attorney

Now that you know three signs that you are headed towards a broken marriage, and practical marriage tips to help fix your relationship, it is time to ask yourself if divorce is the right option. It may not be – but, in many cases, it may be. Call the Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero today at (305) 445-4855 for a free divorce consultation. Our experienced and expert attorneys can help you explore your options and figure out if a divorce is the right choice for a failing marriage.