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In recent years it has become more common for American families to fall a little behind financially. A missed credit card bill here, a late car payment there. We try, but sometimes despite our best effort we still struggle. If you’re like millions of Americans you too have felt this struggle and maybe even experienced the collection game.

Debt collectors used to have tricks of the trade to get you on the phone and get your debt paid. Since the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act these tricky little ploys have been identified and crossed out. The agencies that practiced these deceptive ways have also been called out and forced to rethink their collection activity.

Harassing techniques, repeated phone calls and threats are some of the obvious no no’s for debt collecting agencies but there are some tricks still used that are not that obvious.

Contacting or divulging debt information to third parties is a huge no no but what about calls to your parents or relatives asking for contact information? How about threatening legal action? If it’s not actually being contemplated by the collection agency it is not supposed to happen but how do you know what they are actually considering?

Without a thorough knowledge of consumer rights and what is and is not considered a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act you could be enduring unnecessary harassment. If you are like millions of other Americans and experiencing collection behavior that is borderline inappropriate contact a lawyer well versed in consumer rights.