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Florida residents who have been harassed by debt collectors may be interested to hear about some help from Uncle Sam. According to a news report, consumers who feel that they’ve been subjected to creditor harassment now will have two federal government agencies to call upon for help. The two are the Federal Trade Commission and the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The FTC, the country’s traditional consumer watchguard, has been available for enforcement of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for many years. Of all reports received by the FTC, complaints about debt collectors have been the most frequent.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, formed in 2011, was designed to focus on consumers receiving fair treatment from financial firms. Debt collectors have been added to that list. The CFPB is now providing consumers with a series of form letters aimed at terminating any further contact from a collector. The agency has also formally warned debt collectors to avoid intentionally misleading consumers. Their goal is to have all complaints resolved within 60 days.

Florida residents who are routinely harassed by debt collectors may all share the same potential problem of not being able to meet their financial obligations on time. Many consider the idea of bankruptcy, but are unsure as to what exactly is involved. The bankruptcy process itself can be time-consuming and complicated, even for those people who understand the many rules. When a financial situation is nearing this state of difficulty, a Florida-based lawyer may be able to help. The attorney may be able to discuss all available options and recommend professional guidance.

Source: ABC, “Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Report Deceptive Debt Collectors“, Elisabeth Leamy, August 07, 2013