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The face or sound of debt collection might be shifting. This shift, however, might not be in the form that you might think. Debt collectors are turning to virtual methods to deal with people who they allege owe them money. Florida residents who have outstanding bills might be interested in hearing a little about how these online collection agents work.

For some people who dread the thought of having to deal with a human on the phone, such as those who have been harassed by debt collectors, these virtual debt collectors might be a wonderful thing. Some websites will allow consumers the chance to check their account, negotiate a debt or set up payments. All of that could happen without having to deal with someone being rude or phone calls disturbing your dinner every night.

Of course, this isn’t to say that online debt collection will be appropriate for every bill. There will still be instances in which debt collectors are trying to collect on a debt that is past the statute of limitations or a debt that isn’t valid. In those cases, you will still have to deal with live humans either over the phone, through the mail or in court.

As this virtual debt collection option grows, consumers should know that their rights still exist. You still have the right to fight against unscrupulous collection agencies that are trying to collect on debts that aren’t valid. You still have the right to know exactly where the debt came from. Knowing these rights and understanding them as you go through any collection process is vital to ensure that you are exercising every right you have.

Source: Fox Business, “Virtual Debt Collection Lets You Negotiate, Settle Up Online” Fred O. Williams, Aug. 06, 2014