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It is not unusual for creditors to be aggressive when trying to collect a debt. They will call repeatedly, send letters in the mail, occasionally drop an email in your inbox and whatever else they feel will get you to pay what you owe. Anyone would be annoyed by this, but when you can’t make payments, you will want to find a way to end all communications.

If you have found yourself fed up with constant calls from your creditors, one thing you can do to end creditor harassment is write them a letter. In this letter, you will want to clearly state whether or not you refuse to pay this debt, as well as request that they no longer contact you. It is important that people note that sending this letter doesn’t mean that you will no longer be responsible for this debt.

Once you have written this letter to your creditor, this should put a stop to their communications. Not only should they stop calling, but they should also avoid any attempt to contact you by snail mail, email and any other form of communication. The only time you will hear from them again is if they write to inform you that they will no longer be attempting to collect the debt or that a lawsuit has been filed against you.

When you are facing financial struggles, the last thing you want to do is speak with the creditors calling every day asking you for money, so it is understandable that many do what they can to stop creditors from contacting them. Legally, your creditor has to stop attempting to contact you if you have made this written request, but sometimes they disregard your wishes. If you have questions about creditor harassment or want to cease all communication, you can speak with an attorney to learn more about your rights.