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People who have found themselves in debt have many things to be stressed about. In addition to feeling overwhelmed because they owe thousands of dollars that they can’t pay back, they may also be frustrated and annoyed with creditors calling every day. While many people simply ignore the calls and don’t let it bother them, many find that being harassed on a daily basis is just too much and would love nothing more than to put a stop to the calls.

When you answer the phone when creditors call in an attempt to collect a debt, there a number of things you can tell them. One of the options you have is to try to work out a payment plan. Ideally, they will want to set up some sort of arrangement and collect the money they are owed, which will hopefully put a stop the constant phone calls.

Just because someone is calling you trying to collect on a debt you owe, doesn’t mean you have to answer the phone. If you find yourself growing tired of these calls, you can always write to your creditor and request that they stop contacting you. At this point, they should cease all contact unless they are informing you that they will be filing a lawsuit against you.

Dealing with debt collectors is not something most people want to deal with. They may find themselves feeling stressed, overwhelmed and, worst of all, helpless. Even though you cannot pay your debt, that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about creditors harassing you. Those who want to put a stop to calls from creditors and find a solution to their financial problems should consider contacting an attorney.