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Debt collector harassment can be traumatizing to many who are bombarded with calls, letters and even late-night knocks at the front door. One woman was fed up with the antics of a debt collector and decided to do something about it. She sued the man, alleging that he had harassed her over the phone. For those who are struggling with this type of creditor harassment in Florida, this option could be available to them as well.

The woman filed her lawsuit in federal court on April 26. She claims that a debt collector violated both the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act when he continually called her number. The calls began in Sept. 2016.

The woman allegedly owes the debt, which was assigned to the defendant to be collected. She claims the debt collector began to call her at work without her permission. He then proceeded to call her boyfriend and shared information about the debt with him without the woman’s permission, according to the suit.

In Florida and elsewhere, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a person does not have to deal with creditor harassment. Anyone who is being stalked by a creditor has the right to contact an attorney to address the matter, which may include filing a lawsuit in appropriate circumstances. A bankruptcy attorney may help a client avoid this type of harassment. In fact, a formal bankruptcy petition results in a court order that requires debt collectors to immediately cease and desist from all collection activities pending the further order of the court.

Source: norcalrecord.com, “Woman files suit against debt collector D. Scott Carruthers over allegedly unlawful calls“, Wadi Reformado, May 8, 2017