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Many people find themselves behind on their bills to the point that collection activity begins. This activity usually consists of harassing tactics to collect on delinquent accounts. To stay protected, consumers should be aware of their rights when it comes to communication with these agencies.

Collection agencies will typically call or request a call back in writing from debtors. They do this with the belief that they will be able to successfully force payment from an individual once they have them on the phone. Many consumers will fall victim to these tactics under the assumption they are required to speak to the debt collection agencies. However, it is not required by law that consumers speak to any debt collector. In fact, consumers are protected from repeated and harassing collection tactics through the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

This act gives consumers the right to request that all communication efforts by a debt collection agency be stopped. If a consumer wishes to exercise this right, they must contact the debt collection agency in writing and ask that they not be contacted any longer. Once a debt collection agency has received this request, they are required by law to cease all contact unless it is to inform the consumer that there will be a lawsuit filed.

For many American consumers, the harassing tactics of debt collection agencies can be enough to seek legal help. However, in the event that a lawsuit is filed, it may be even more imperative that consumers seek the help of an experienced attorney. Even during the debt collection process, American consumers are afforded many rights. Speaking to an experienced attorney can help struggling families exercise these rights and gain the full protection of the law.