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Facing a financial crisis is one of the scariest events an individual or family can go through. Many times the individual facing the crisis will experience anxiety, depression or anger. Going through this alone can intensify these feelings, especially if they are considering bankruptcy or going through foreclosure. Fortunately, there is help out there for individuals facing this type of financial crisis. Speaking to an experienced attorney can help individuals stay informed of their rights and feel less alone.

Many times creditors, lenders and mortgage companies use scare tactics to solicit payment from debtors. To these collectors, the owing party is nothing more than an account number. They do not see, understand or care about the struggle that families face every day. An attorney can work as an advocate for families putting a stop to unnecessary scare tactics and help families begin the process of living a debt-free life.

If a struggling family or individual is facing bankruptcy, an attorney can help protect their assets, home and car while initiating the bankruptcy process effectively and efficiently. For individuals facing foreclosure of their homes, an attorney can stop a lender’s harassing phone calls while working to modify their mortgage and avoid foreclosure. Depending on the situation, an attorney may be able to work with families through the foreclosure or short sale process, protecting their rights while keeping the process on task.

For families facing financial crisis, there are few things worse than the harassment of creditors that don’t know or understand their financial struggle. However, working with an attorney can help put a stop to embarrassing and frustrating collection efforts, and help families regain their independence and dignity.