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One man was arrested this month and ordered to be detained on claims that he ran a scheme that targeted those who were trying to avoid losing their homes. The foreclosure avoidance scheme is reported to have earned the man $7 million from homeowners who were already in grave financial shape. He is being held pending federal charges. Homeowners living in Florida who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure should take care to avoid schemes like this one.

The 68-year-old man was taken by federal agents after an indictment for 11 counts was handed own by a federal jury. After his arrest, the indictment was unsealed, and it claimed that he owned a company that was operated under many different names. The prosecutors in the case allege that the man and his co-conspirators sold fake eviction delay and foreclosure services to homeowners who were about to be evicted.

These homeowners were encouraged to sign fake grant deeds which were presented to them as a way to avoid losing their home. Fraudulent documents were also said to have been filed by the man and sent to sheriff’s offices to stop evictions. The homeowners paid a monthly fee for these fake services and gave large sums of money to the man believing that he was going to have their titles cleared.

For those in Florida who are facing eviction or foreclosure, a bankruptcy attorney can present legal and legitimate ways to stop them from losing their home. By choosing to consult with one of these bankruptcy lawyers, a person can be sure to avoid such schemes as this man is accused of. The lawyer can inform the client of the laws in his or her state and how to proceed in order to avoid foreclosure.

Source: dailynews.com, “Van Nuys man ordered detained pending trial on bankruptcy fraud charges“, June 17, 2017