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ccording to state prosecutors, a man will spend nine years in jail for scamming homeowners and evading his taxes. The man preyed upon those who were desperate to save their family’s home from foreclosure. He was sentenced to 108 months in prison, plus another three years of release under supervision. While such scams are a problem in Florida, residents can be aware of what to look for.

The court documents in the case state that the man had planned a scam that not only defrauded homeowners but cheated the U.S. Department of Housing and Rural Development and mortgage lenders as well. He claimed to represent homeowners who were in danger of foreclosure, saying that he would pay off the money that they owed on the mortgage. He also promised to purchase their homes.

The homeowners signed stacks of legal documents, such as quitclaim deeds, management agreements, indemnification agreements and third-party authorization letters. The man presented these document to them and told them that they should ignore any notices of foreclosure that they may receive. He then rented out the properties in question via online advertising sites.

By using aliases, the man was able to keep his true identity from the homeowners, making it difficult for them to report him once they lost their homes. He never paid taxes on all the money that he made from the scam, which led to another charge once he was caught. Anyone who is facing foreclosure in Florida may choose to contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can file papers to stop the foreclosure and help the client avoid such scams.

Source: dailyvoice.com, “Ex-Easton Man Gets 9 Years For Cheating Homeowners Facing Foreclosure”, Karen Tensa, April 30, 2017