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If you think you know everything about your property, think again. Having a professional survey conducted can give you a better picture of what your property has to offer. Here are five reasons to survey your property in Florida.

What is a Survey?

A survey, also known as a certified property boundary report, is a study conducted by a licensed property survey recordsproperty survey recordssurveyor which outlines and defines all the unique characteristics of land, as well as any improvements which have been made to it.  To conduct a survey, the licensed surveyor may rely on a variety of property and county records, though these will not be the only tools they use to determine their results. Surveyors will also utilize Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Robotic Survey Systems (RSS) to reach their fully independent results.

Property surveys generally reveal the following information to a buyer:

  • Boundary lines for the land or lot in question.
  • Notes on where any improvements are located on the property including the distance between each improvement and the property’s boundaries.
  • Disclosures on specific characteristics of the property, including utilities, easements, boundaries, and encroachments.

Reasons to Have a Survey Conducted

Boundary Lines

Determining boundary lines is one of the most common reasons a landowner decides to have a survey conducted. Knowing exactly where boundary lines are located is crucial information before constructing a fence, in addition to a home, or pave a driveway. Should property disputes arise in the future, a professional survey is admissible evidence in court, and if any mistakes are present in the report, it allows a potential buyer to object to the title of the property before closing on any sale.


A professional survey will show any conditions which have been imposed by law on your property’s title report, as well as any relevant other agreements. If the property blocks a neighbor’s access to the road, for example, there may be an old agreement (also known as an “easement”) that gives them the right to walk across the property to access the street.

Existing Improvements

A licensed surveyor can certify that any improvements or alterations which have been made to the property are not in violation of any applicable building codes and if they are, how they can be altered in order to be in compliance.

geological surveyUtilities

Knowing which utilities, including electric, gas, water and telephone lines, as well other service features like drains, manhole covers, basins or vaults run through the property is one reason why a survey is essential when buying a property in Florida. A licensed survey report can provide detailed information on the location and existence of any underground utility services which may run under the property. Knowing utility locations is critical to know if a utility company has right-of-access to parts of the property, or where services are before any new construction can begin


It may be apparent if a property is zoned for commercial or residential use, but a survey can help inform a property owner, or potential buyer, if a particular zoning classification the property may be under places certain restrictions upon it.

Contact a Knowledgeable Attorney Today

Once a survey has been completed, you should contact an experienced attorney to discuss the results, as well as issues such as zoning compliance, right away.  Call the Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero for a free consultation today at (305) 445-4855.