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The last couple of posts on our Miami bankruptcy law blog have truly highlighted the foreclosure mess in Florida and the financial crisis that thousands of homeowners are facing across the nation.

Although many hope that more homeowner’s will find some financial relief with this week’s kickoff of Florida’s Hardest Hit foreclosure prevention program, others acknowledge that the program is only a temporary solution. Homeowners may also feel more secure knowing that Florida judges are cracking down on foreclosure fraud, but foreclosures will continue to be processed and some homeowners simply will not be able to avoid losing their home. However, will some homeowners now be able turn their homes into billboards in order to prevent foreclosure?

A mobile advertising network has announced that they will turn some homes into billboards in order to save homeowners from losing their property to foreclosure. Adzookie said that as long as a homeowner keeps his or her home painted with the company’s advertisements, the company will pay the homeowner’s mortgage payments. The CEO of the company commented that his company is newer and he wants to promote his company while also assisting struggling homeowners.

Since the company announced that they were originally looking for 10 houses to paint with advertisements, Adzookie has received thousands of responses from distressed homeowners. As a result, Adzookie hopes that more companies will follow suit with the idea in order to help struggling homeowners.

These developments in the foreclosure market may help some Florida homeowners hold on to their homes a little longer, but many homeowners may not be able to take advantage of the Hardest Hit program, and so far only a few homeowners will benefit from Adzookie’s advertisement campaign. This means that thousands of homeowners in Florida will continue to struggle with the possibility of losing a home to foreclosure.

Fortunately, Florida homeowners may also be able to find relief by filing for bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy attorneys in Miami recognize that the threat of foreclosure can create fear and confusion in homeowners, but attorneys help explain the options homeowners have regarding saving their homes while also resolving their financial crisis.

In many cases, individuals and couples who file bankruptcy are able to protect their homes while consolidating other debts.


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